Thursday, July 30, 2015

Opera & Google Chome installation on Ubuntu + extensions for increased privacy

Opera is now based on Chromium and Blink engine just like Chrome.Chrome . It features compression technology and a working sync feature. 

Opera is a web browser developed by OperaSoftware. The latest version is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems, and uses the Blink layout engine. An earlier version using the Presto layout engine is still supported, and additionally runs on FreeBSD systems.The latest version can be found here . 

The following tweaks work on Opera , Chrome and Chromium.
For increased privacy when surfing the Internet the browsers can be used with an openvpn client . The tutorial can be found here 

Navigate to the folder where .deb file has been downloaded > right click it > open with > Gdebi
package installer > Install Package .  Opera can be opened from ubuntu dash .
After opening opera go to the navigation bar and type in the following :


In order to speed up Opera and enable hardware acceleration we need to change or enable some experimental features.
We are going to use the experimental search bar for easier access to these features.

Type in the following key words and make the necessary changes :

  • override  and enable Override software rendering list 
  • tiles  and change the Maximum number of tiles for interest area to 512
  • raster and enable  Enable GPU rasterization 
  • raster and change the Number of raster threads to 4
(These tweaks are not recommended for low end hardware !)

Relaunch Opera and check if hardware acceleration is enabled by typing about:gpu in the navigation bar as seen below: 

For incresased privacy and security we can disable access to our location, webcam and microphone :
go to opera menu > settings > websites :

To install extensions go to View > Extensions > View Extensions > Get more extensions
(Note that some extensions can be heavy on resources )
  • Adblock or Adguard
  • Https Everywhere
  • No script (optional, can be used when banking, limits functionality )
  • Ghostery (requires a bit of setup , the configuration will open after this extension is installed)
  • WOT ( also known as web of trust)
  • DuckDuckGo for Opera/Chrome (DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn't track you. We also have smarter answers and less clutter)

The following screenshots should help ease Ghostery configuration :

Next navigate to  Edit > Preferences > Privacy&Security and check the option

  •  Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic
Scroll down the same page until you see Cookies :

For increased privacy we can block sites from setting any data and we can also block third-party cookies . However if you need to login into an account like  gmail , cookies will be required .
In that case the best option is :

  • Keep local data only until I quit my browser

Flash player is obsolete so i have attached the following link for more information: (this will also show you if you have flash installed)

In order for opera to play youtube video in html5 , navigate to and request HTML5  as default player .

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It used the WebKit layout engine until version 27 and, with the exception of its iOS releases, from version 28 and beyond uses the WebKit fork Blink.
Because of the similarities between Opera and Google Chrome installing the extensions and changing the settings for better privacy and security can be done using the same steps provided for Opera.

You can download Google Chrome from here.

Opera vs Chrome :

A  comparison can be found here .

To add Google-Talk-Plugin download the .deb file from here   , navigate to the folder where the plugin is located , right click it > Open with > Gdebi-package-installer . After the install is complete you can add the extension from the Chrome Web Store . (Works with chromium as well)

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