Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to install the latest kernel on Ubuntu

What is the Linux Kernel and what does it do ?

The kernel is a piece of software that, roughly speaking, provides a layer between the hardware and the application programs running on a computer. In a strict, computer-science sense, the term 'Linux' refers only to the kernel - the bit that Linus Torvalds wrote in the early 90s.
All the other pieces you find in a Linux distribution - the Bash shell, the KDE window manager, web browsers, the X server, Tux Racer and everything else - are just applications that happen to run on Linux and are emphatically not part of the operating system itself.

The latest kernel can be downloaded from the kernel mainline. If you are looking for a more responsive kernel the low latency one should be your choice . At the time of this post the lastest kernel is 4.2-rc5 . If you are running a 32 bit system use the i386.deb files and if you are using a 64 bit system grab the amd64.deb. In this tutorial we will be using the 64 bit .deb files :

After downloading the .deb files we are going to install them via terminal (ctrl+alt+t) :

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.2.0*.deb linux-image-4.2.0*.deb

The command will only work if the files are in your home folder . If you are using a different folder for downloads you can navigate to it in terminal using "cd" :

cd Downloads

Once you reach the desired location use the sudo dpkg - i command to install the new kernel :

Reboot your pc ! In order to check if you are using the latest kernel open  a terminal and type in the following command :

uname -r

In order to remove the older unused kernel we need to open synaptic . This can be done by copy pasting the following information into your terminal :

sudo synaptic

Type in your password and hit enter. After synaptic opens we will be typing linux-image and linux-headers in the search bar :

Any kernel version under > 4.2-rc5 can be removed . If you are using ubuntu 14.04 you will probably have kernel 3.13 , 3.16 (14.04.2) or 3.19 (14.04.3)  installed . Right click > "mark for complete removal". Hit apply , and wait until synaptic is done uninstalling the unused kernels. After closing synaptic use this command in the terminal to make sure everything is removed  :

sudo apt-get autoremove

The installation process for installing newer kernels is the same (using sudo dpkg - i ) as the one mentioned above . The same goes for removing older unused kernels .
I will keep this post updated with the latest kernel release :

  • Kernel 4.2-rc6 has been released (09-Aug-2015 21:00)
  • Kernel 4.2-rc7 has been released (17-Aug-2015 01:00)
  • Kernel 4.2-rc8 has been released (24-Aug-2015 05:00)
  • Kernel 4.2 has been released (30-Aug-2015 20:00)
  • Kernel 4.2 wily has been released (26-Oct-2015 12:15)
  • Kernel 4.2.1 has been released (21-Sep-2015 19:15)
  • Kernel 4.2.2 has been released (29-Sep-2015 19:15)
  • Kernel 4.2.3 has been released (03-Oct-2015 13:15)
  • Kernel 4.2.4 has been released (22-Oct-2015 23:00)
  • Kernel 4.2.4 wily has been released (26-Oct-2015 11:00)
  • Kernel 4.2.5 wily has been released (27-Oct-2015 02:15) 
  • Kernel 4.3-rc1 has been released (16-Sep-2015 11:15)
  • Kernel 4.3-rc2 has been released (20-Sep-2015 23:15)
  • Kernel 4.3-rc3 has been released (27-Sep-2015 13:00)
  • Kernel 4.3-rc4 has been released (04-Oct-2015 18:15)
  • Kernel 4.3-rc5 has been released (11-Oct-2015 20:00)
  • Kernel 4.3-rc6 has been released (19-Oct-2015 01:15)
  • Kernel 4.3-rc7 has been released (26-Oct-2015 12:15)
  • Kernel 4.3 has been released (02-Nov-2015 14:45)
  • Kernel 4.3 wily has been released (02-Nov-2015 15:45)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc1+cod1 - wily has been released (23-Nov-2015 12:15)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc1 - wily (16-Nov-2015 02:15)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc2+cod1 - wily (23-Nov-2015 11:45)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc2 - wily - keep (25-Nov-2015 18:07)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc2 - wily (25-Nov-2015 18:07)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc3 - wily (30-Nov-2015 04:15)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc4 - wily (07-Dec-2015 01:30)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc5 - wily (14-Dec-2015 03:15)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc6 - wily (21-Dec-2015 02:30)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc7 - wily (28-Dec-2015 04:30)
  • Kernel 4.4-rc8 - wily (13-Jan-2016 11:15)
  • Kernel 4.4-wily (11-Jan-2016 01:31)
  • Kernel 4.4.1-wily (31-Jan-2016 21:45)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc1-wily (24-Jan-2016 23:30)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc2-wily (01-Feb-2016 04:30)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc3-wily (08-Feb-2016 02:15)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc4-wily (15-Feb-2016 00:30)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc5-wily (20-Feb-2016 23:30)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc6-wily (28-Feb-2016 18:15)
  • Kernel 4.5-rc7-wily (07-Mar-2016 00:15)
  • Kernel 4.5-wily (14-Mar-2016 06:30)
  • Kernel 4.6-rc1 (27-Mar-2016 00:30)

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