Sunday, October 4, 2015

Clipboard Manager - Copyq

CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more.


  • Supports Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Store text, HTML, images and any other custom format.
  • Customize tray menu.
  • Save items in new tabs (and groups).
  • Quickly browse through items (fast navigation, filtering with matched text highlighting).
  • Sort items, create new, remove, copy/paste to different tab.
  • Variety of system-wide shortcuts (e.g. show main window or tray, edit clipboard, copy next/previous item, paste as plain text).
  • Immediately paste to focused window from tray or main window.
  • Fully customizable appearance (colors, fonts, transparency).
  • Add notes to items.
  • Advanced command-line interface and scripting.
  • Ignore clipboard copied from some windows or containing some text.

The latest version at this point is 2.6.0 :

  • Show item notes in tray and window title
  • Removed broken console executable on Windows
  • Dutch translation
  • Added env() and setEnv() to access and modify environment variables
  • Access shortcut which activated command
  • Fixed closing the application at shutdown on Windows
  • Fixed some global shortcuts on Windows
  • Fixed capturing some shortcuts

Copyq is available as a .deb file and  can be found here :

To install it simply download the .deb file , navigate to the folder where it is located right click > Open with > Gdebi Package Installer > Install 

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