Monday, January 11, 2016

Dosbox on Ubuntu

DOSBox is an emulator program that emulates an IBM PC compatible computer running a DOS operating system. Many IBM PC compatible graphics and sound cards are also emulated . It is available in the Ubuntu repositories and can be install by using the following command :

sudo apt-get install dosbox

Begin by creating a folder called Dos_games in "/home" . A variety of old games can be found here  (for this tutorial I picked 4 of my favorite games that I used to play as a child). Once the downloads are complete extract the .zip files and place the folders in Dos_games. 

Launch DOSBox from Dash .We will be mounting our home (h:) partion along with the Dos_games folder . 

Once h: is mounted navigate to the desired game folder and launch the game (.exe file)

Jazz Jackrabbit

Battle Chess


Lamborghini - American Challenge

To recover your cursor from the emulator simply hit  ctrl+f10 .

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